iPad competition gets serious

Some exciting things are happening in the tablet space.  Here are a couple of videos from Motorola.

Tablet Evolution – a teaser with some clever digs at the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Motorola Xoom – the Honeycomb tablet unveiled at CES 2011 (no release date yet).

I can’t wait to get my hands on a tablet running Google’s Honeycomb!

4 thoughts on “iPad competition gets serious

  1. Yes iPad indeed is in a serious competition. Galaxy tab, iPhone, wePad. Carry them all. Just like you, my hands are itching too. Soon they stick with me.

  2. Not quite a fair competition when it comes to Apple products, they care about quality which is not the same on the other manufacturers I would say. Of course prices are lower but in the end, everybody choose quality vs price I think.

  3. Apple have a mountain of cash, build beautiful products and are way out in front in sales. But I think Android remains a serious challenger with Samsung, the manufacturer of iPad screens, and Google, the Internet’s giant, being formidable rivals.

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