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Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

Modern learning requires modern methods and modern tools.

The future of education. Will they laugh at our ignorance?

Does technology help or hinder effective learning?

Fear of oversight is stronger than ever! Have I said too much?

21st Century Superpowers – Search, Find, Evaluate

Voki Characters Make Writing Fun.

Professional Networking – Learning from people I’ll never meet

Hello VicPLN 2013!

VicPLN 2013 Professional Development Program

For the moment, I’ve moved to Google+.

New Literacies Video Presentation

More about Google Plus

New Literacies Group – PLPConnectU

Google Plus

Ultranet meets Google Apps at Winters Flat Primary School

Learning through games

Google Translate voice recognition in Chrome

How to pull data from the web into a Google Spreadsheet

Inside the Google Teacher Academy 2011

Connectivism in action – demonstrated by a five year old

Not enough time? Blame Facebook! No, Twitter!

Google Teacher Academy 2011 – I’m invited!

iPad competition gets serious

What should we do to ensure student safety online?

Which is mightier?

Super heroes motivate young writers

Kids love Voki characters on their blogs

Creating an event on a shared Google calendar

Creating a shared Google calendar for school events

How to manage an Edublogs blog

Is blogging good for school children?

Sharing school staff calendars

Creating a Google Account for Edumail users

Google Apps desktop shortcut for Edumail users

Getting started with graphics software


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