Creating an event on a shared Google calendar

To create an event login to your Google account, select ‘Calendar’ and click where the event is to be scheduled.  (You can drag the event up, down or sideways to change its location or make it longer or shorter.)

Enter the name of the event and choose the calendar the event applies to.  If it is an event for the whole school, choose the shared school calendar.

If you need to change additional details such as add reminders or mark the event as an all day event, choose ‘Edit event details’.

When you have finished, choose ‘Create event’.

Creating Event

Creating a shared Google calendar for school events

In addition to using one or more Google calendars for yourself, it’s easy to create additional calendars to share with others. This is especially useful for school staff who can access and update a shared school calendar anywhere and anytime provided they can find a computer/phone etc with Internet access.

Under ‘My Calendars’ choose ‘Add’, then complete the calendar details as shown below:

1. Enter the name of the school calendar

2. Enter a description for the calendar (optional)

3. Check that the country and time zone are correct

4. Select ‘Make changes AND manage sharing’ or ‘Make changes to events’ from the drop down menu under ‘Permission Settings’

5. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share the calendar with and choose ‘Add Person’ or select the person’s email address if it is recognised as you type.  Do this for each person you wish to share  the calendar with.

6. Choose ‘Create Calendar’

Shared Google Calendar final

Sharing school staff calendars

Here is a way to share Google Calendars so that school staff can add events and make changes anywhere, anytime.  Each member of staff shares their calendar with colleagues.  Each event is marked with the email address of the person who creates it and the event is visible and editable by any other member of staff.   This approach also allows one ICT facilitator to set up the mutual sharing of all calendars provided each member of staff sets their calendar permissions to allow the ICT facilitator to “Make changes AND manage sharing”.


First choose “Settings” under “My Calendars”. (Double click images in this post to see larger versions.)

Then choose “Share this calendar” (or “Shared: Edit settings” if the calendar was previously shared).


Then follow the four steps below:

1. Choose “Make changes AND manage sharing” (This is a privelege for trusted colleagues only).

2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share the calendar with.

3. Choose “Add Person” or select the person’s email address if it is recognised as you type.

4. Choose “Save”

_2agoogle calendar sharing

Once you have allowed an ICT facilitator to manage your calendar sharing, he or she can go through the process of seeing that your calendar is shared with each colleague and that each colleague’s calendar is shared with yours.  You can do this yourself if you share your calendar using the process above for each colleague and each colleague shares his or her calendar with you.  (For an alternative approach, see ‘Creating a shared Google calendar for school events’ above.)